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Bitcoin & Black America 2nd Edition Now on Sale!

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Bitcoin & Black America Book 2nd Edition


9407 in stock

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In one year, Bitcoin and Black America started a movement to give Black Americans the tools needed to attain sovereignty and future success with Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. With thousands of books sold worldwide and listed as an Amazon best-seller, this book has proven that economic changes are not just inevitable, they are happening now.

Bitcoin and Black America: Second Edition takes this movement to the next level with even more educational and practical solutions for financial freedom.  Through a straightforward approach, we explore a vision of a vibrant economic system that excludes the historically racist banking and Federal reserve systems and instead centers on the people. In this book you will find details of the Bitcoin and Black America book tour, solutions for business owners, a list of 200+ black blockchain professionals, information about international Bitcoin operations, and strategies you can use right away to participate in the greatest wealth transfer in recent history.

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ISBN 978-1-716-55590-9
7 New Chapters
200+ Black Blockchain Professionals

Bitcoin & Black America Book


Ready for a change in black economics? Join the Bitcoin revolution.

Bitcoin and Black America is a dynamic new book that explores the synergy between black economics, Bitcoin and blockchain technology. The global financial system is changing and the digital revolution will not be televised.

We explore how to incorporate cryptocurrency in your business, job and educational institution. This book also outlines the need for separation from the racist banking system and a comprehensive list of black professionals actively working in the Blockchain industry.

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